FVG.COM Animated Productions

FVG.COM is an independent producer of animated short films based on novel character animations produced in the genre of one-person show productions. Our productions are distributed direct through video on demand subscription channels. We are distinguished by our solo animated performer story telling based on decades of novel adventures and technically by modeling and animation custom plug-in development using novel patent pending optimization algorithms that accelerate our solo animated performer film production pipeline. FVG.COM is a member of the Autodesk Developers Network (ADN) due to our  plug-in development for Autodesk Maya, which is our primary modeling and animation platform.

We specialize in solo performer animated production character based short films that convey messages through broad demographic audience captivating solo animated performer psychorealism, engaging digital screen plays, animated solo performer story telling and solo performer character animation and modeling. FVG.COM focuses on animated short film productions through the use of computer graphics animation and modeling.

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